As a girl, I enjoyed art. I would draw for hours and use tablets of paper. When the teens hit, so did MAJOR acne. Makeup helped to conceal and boosted my confidence. In college, I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a minor in Painting Illustration. After working in advertising and raising a family, I asked myself what would be my next step in life, I wanted to give back. I really don’t know how it happened (God) but found that making someone feel better brought JOY. I’ve heard “pursue what you love and would do for free”. I love the art of makeup and its effect on the heart, mind and (yes) soul. Whether tanning a client for the weekend or doing a makeup application for a bride, my focus is to bring out their best by doing a professional service with quality products sprinkled with warmth (and a little humor doesn’t hurt).

Do you have questions?

Spray tan virgin? I’ve got you covered (sorta). Scared of being a “pumpkin”? NOT on my watch!

Newly engaged? “Why do I need a makeup artist?”, I’ll give you plenty of reasons! Let’s do a Bridal Trial with Mimosa’s and chat.

Need a “lift”? It’s about technique my dear and good prep, not a whole new line of makeup.

Sweeties, I’m here for you.